Differences in volume

The rim of a drum seems to put out a higher velocity than the head, especially when using mesh heads, this is particularly noticable when all zones trigger the same sound, be it internal or external. Any cure to this phenomena?

Hi @Astrosoniq

There are several reasons why this could be happening – from attachment issues to possibly an issue with the sensor.

I’d recommend contacting the Sunhouse support team and they can help diagnose and fix the issue. You can start a chat on the website, or shoot an email to support@sunhou.se and someone from the team will get right back to you.



I have been toying with the velocity curves, it needed to be flattened out at the top segment to bring the rim in line with the head. That way the lower dynamic keep intact but the higherarr reigned in, works for me.

Cool. Glad you found a solution! Let us know if it becomes an issue again and we’ll help you out!