Does sensory zones align with Evans Db one Meshheads?

Does anyone know if the sensory ‘fields’ lines out with the Db one meshheads?

I’m not sure what you mean exactly by “lines”…the dB One mesh heads work just fine, but if you’re referring to the lines of the pad zones…those are just symbols, not actual borders of the zones. Center and edge are fairly self evident, but all the other lines are just like a visual list of available zones you can drag samples and modules onto. Shoulder rim is the entire rim in reality, so is tip rim, not the limited outlines on the pad symbol. Dampened, crossstick, and rimshot zones all are combinations of the basic zones, but just outlined with small area for visual effect.

No - they have nothing to do with one another BUT:
On Toms the Sensory Percussion Center / Edge Zones work really well when played within corresponding the dB One head areas and it also helps me personally as it’s a good visualisation.

In terms of how the zones are separated it’s not a line or a border as much as it is the sensor being able to pick up how you play on a drum for any of the zones - which you “tell” it during the training.
You could very well “cheat” and during the training of the “center” zone only play on the edge and in turn only in the center when training the “edge” zone. The sensor doesn’t really care which is why it can do all those different things like using different types of playing on the rim (edge / tip of the stick) or the shell of the drum itself.

I’m not 100% sure if the actual “delay” of the vibrations between where you’re playing and where the sensor is placed goes into the detection as well but other than that as long as the vibrations are different enough from each other, the sensor recognizes them and you don’t have to be super particular about the center zone lining up 100% with the center of a dB One head. The Impact Patch does change how the hit sounds in the very center of the head though so this further adds to that “sound difference” making it somewhat easier to pick up I guess. It would still work fine though if you removed the patch and essentially have a dB Zero head in terms of the sound of the stick hitting it.

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Thanks for your reply! And sorry for my late response. Wasn’t that much online last days… I didn’t think about it the way you tell but it makes sense… lol…