Does symbolic linking work to put library on external drive?

Hey! We just got a new Mac mini (it’s M1, so we’ll see if the software even works). Since the internal SSD is so small (256gb) I’d like to use symbolic linking and put the sounds libraries on an external drive. Some plugins work fine this way, but I’ve run into issues with others. Plan to do this in the next few days, so I’ll know soon enough, but just wondered if anyone already had experience with this particular use case?

Thanks ahead of time.

Hey there,

We’ve tested on an M1 Mac Mini and it works fine!

Symbolic linking is not a problem at all. For anyone finding this post who wants some basic directions for doing this on a Mac, here’s a quick guide:

1. Open a Terminal window
2. To open the SP samples folder, paste into terminal: open "/Library/Application Support/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion"
3. You should see the samples folder there. Move it to the desired location on your external drive. Make sure the folder retains the same name "samples"
4. Get the path to the new samples location on your external drive by dragging the new samples folder from finder and dropping it into the terminal window.
5. Delete the original samples folder
6. In terminal, adjust and then paste in the following command: ln -s [path to new folder from step 4 (without brackets)] "/Library/Application Support/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion"

That should do it.

Send an email to if you run into any issues.