Doubling of sound in Ableton

Hi! Absolutely love this software and technology and it is going to be a game changer for me.

My question is: I’m trying to play live with sensory percussion and Ableton and when I trigger the pads the sound comes out both from the program and from Ableton (right now I’m using the audio streamer template they have). The result is both sounds being played at the same time with slightly different latencies, creating a sort of flam effect. Needless to say when I record and play it back it sounds normal. My question is for live, is there a way to mute the sound coming out of the Sensory Percussion application and just have the entire mix coming out of the master in Ableton?

I’m sure there is a way to work around it but I’ve already wasted a half an hour looking through the forums so maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hi Ben, if you go to the “Audio settings” in Sensory software and then “Outpout Matrix” you can switch off the master out from the Sensory software. In that way, you should have only the Ableton master.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much!!! Works good now. However I through ableton I get the feeling it’s lagging by just a hair, as opposed to when I’m just running it through the program and playing to a click track… not sure if there is anything I can do about that.

Just as I said this I tried raising the sample rate in Ableton and now it seems to work a lot more precisely!

Hi Ben and hi everybody.
I’ve the same issue (augmented latency when using the audio streamer into ableton).
It makes quite impossible playing fast patterns, even with ableton rate set at 32samples.
Anyone can help me to figure it out?

Hi Max,

Can you try matching the sample rate and buffer size in both Ableton and Sensory Percussion? We recommend 44.1 Khz, and 128 buffer size for both of them.

the problem with 128 is that fast drum parts (even 16th notes patterns at 120bpm) are very difficult to play for me, due to the small latency of every stroke.
anyway i’ll try to first understand if the problem itself disappears.