Drum on snare stand better than L-rod? (problem unintentional triggers)

Hey! I have recently had some problems with triggering the wrong zones on one of my drums (a 13" inch lp drum-timbale with a mesh head). My drum is mounted on a L-rod on its own drum stand, but I very often trigger the wrong zone, if I go for the rim, I quite often trigger the rimshot or center for some reason. I’m wondering if anyone have experienced any difference with mounting on a snarestand vs a tom holder? I am thinking if the zones are crosstalking/triggering wrong because of the uneven support of the L-rod in comparison of a floor tom or a drum on snare stand with more even support from all sides?
Any ideas? I have solving it in the software and still end with ALOT of crosstalk…

All the best, Oskar

Hi Oskar,

When we talk about cross-talk, we’re usually referring to false triggers between two different drums. If you’re getting the wrong pad triggering within the same drum, that’s more than likely a training issue (but it could be a signal issue, i.e. a problem with the sensor, cable or interface). Have you checked out the new tutorial video we posted? There are lots of great tips for training and dealing with these kinds of issues. https://youtu.be/I3AKsfXOYSg

But in general, it is better to have the drums as isolated as possible to reduce crosstalk between drums. So here in the office we always put the rack tom on a snare stand.

Let me know if that helps at all! If you’re still have trouble, definitely shoot us a note at support@sunhou.se and we can help troubleshoot this further.