Drum trigger piezo with V2

I have a few Drum Dial Drum Triggers that I want to use with V2. The problem is they only work in the mic/line A and B inputs. If I plug them into the 1/8" inputs the signal is so low that it is unusable. Sensitivity doesn’t help at all. Can someone tell me what i’m missing?

Hi @yarttam,

The 7 sensor inputs on the portal are designed to work with the Sensory Percussion v2 Drum Sensors – that’s why they don’t have any gain knobs, phantom power switches, etc. They weren’t designed to accept other trigger inputs – there might be some that work, but that would be by accident.

I think your best bet is sticking with the 2 combo inputs as you mentioned – then you can adjust the gain on those inputs as needed to get the right signal level.

The other thing you could try is using an external preamp to boost the signal and then use the Line In aux inputs on the back of the Portal.

Let me know how it goes!

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Thank you for replying so quickly!