"Ducking" controls

I saw this reel from Mason on IG and was trying to figure out how to use SPv2 to program the “ducking”-like control: Mason Self on Instagram: "I’m exploring a very simple idea that I think I’ll use a lot with Sensory Percussion, using toms to fade other sounds out. It makes sense to me because I, like many drummers, use toms primarily for “fills” which is a moment in which the drums take a bit more attention. Why not use Sensory percussion to reinforce this? It was really easy to set up with the new “target” assignment option. Either tom targets silence and the kick/snare target unity. You could do this within Sensory Percussion, but I’m enjoying doing it with some extra nuance with my plugin Shave N Fade on a preset my daughter made (proud parent). Screen capture of this in the second clip. Other than that concept, this is just one sample being repitched / played by the kick + snare, and my kick is also playing a synth bass line in Live via MIDI s&h. #synthsofself #sensorypercussion #drumtortillas"

I wasn’t sure where to start haha, so I’d appreciate any suggestions!