Edit custom kits

is it possible to create custom kits out of the core sounds just by copy for instance the snare from universe 25 and the kick from gemini out of the editing window and paste them in a new kit.

Hi @Till - yes, this is definitely possible! You can click into the presets in the Library and dig down expose all its components. So you can just drag the parts of the presets that you like right into your own sets.

Copy/Past also works remarkably well. If you have a preset open and there’s a layer or module that you like, just select it and cmd-C to copy it and then paste it into your own set.

A couple things to keep in mind when you do this:

  1. When copying these elements into your set, you need to watch to make sure you apply the correct filters to the layer to be able to play it with the drum that you want. Input Filtering | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

  2. Many of the presets also have sends with effects that the layers are using. To recreate the exact sound of the preset, you’ll need to drag those in again and possibly reconnect the layer to the send. Audio Buses & Sends | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Many Thanks that helps a lot.