Edit MIDI then re-trigger Sensory software

Having trouble re-triggering the software with MIDI from Ableton. I’m using the plugin.

Hi there, new user here. I’ve had the software and sensors for about a week and I’m really enjoying it. I have been doing audio professionally for a long time, and I’m very familiar with MIDI routing etc. I’ve dug through the manual, this forum, and YT videos and can’t find anything telling me that SP will receive the ENTIRE performance (all notes, pads, velocity, etc) from a MIDI track in Ableton. I can see that the infrastructure is all there, has anyone made a template for this? I must have missed it? I can see how you could construct this line by line, but that is really cumbersome and time-consuming. Any tips? What am I missing?

I have it all working in Ableton and even figured out how to route it out to Superior Drummer simultaneously. I have an analog volume pedal patched in as a MIDI controller (through the expression pedal input on a keyboard) and I managed to set it up as a foot controller for the hat open/close. I’m wrapping my head around the controllers and MIDI I/O in general, but I’m looking to be able to playback the MIDI performance from Ableton and have it re-trigger SP.


Hi there!

Sounds like you’ve got a really nice setup!

I don’t believe anyone has taken the time to make such a template. As you said it would be very time-consuming to do so. And then it wouldn’t be perfect, either: there’s just too much information that Sensory tracks to be captured with MIDI well enough to recreate most performances.

But you can accomplish what you want to do without using MIDI by
recording the sensor audio and running it back through Sensory.

You can, of course, loop a section and make tweaks to the kit, and even do more advanced stuff like edit and/or quantize the sensor audio.