Enttec EMU lighting

I’m using V1 Sensory Percussion and looking to start controlling DMX lights via Midi The one link to accomplish this is from 2019 and references a DMXIS software that is no longer supported or made by Enttec. I’m wondering if their new software, EMU, or even Show Buddy work with Sensory Percussion for lighting controls via midi?


Thanks for writing in! If you’re using an adapter like the ENTTEC Open USB, we recommend using Lightkey for your lighting software. It’s also free, and we recently tested this setup and had success.

EMU software may also be compatible with that same adapter, but they only list the DMX USB Pro under compatible adapters on their website.

Hopefully that helps!

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BOTH Entec USB devices work with Show Buddy and SP 2. I used this exact setup using the DMX Open (the only difference is the DMX PRO has two universes and twice as many assignable DMX channels…but unless you need over 250 channels the cheaper model is fine) to trigger some subtle effects and light changes during our KEXP In-studio session last summer. Here’s a clip, using the envelope controllers and CC messages to trigger some white flashes over the red, but the possibilities are pretty endless. We’ve been experimenting with using it to control a custom visuals app a friend designed too. So far, in my experience….as long as the program or hardware has mappable parameters AND you have your routing setup correct (IAC busses, correct midi channels/notes/CCs) I have yet to find things I can’t control.

Two pro tips:

take advantage of the learn buttons when available to save time on workflow

Keep a pencil and notepad with a chart of your MIDI routing to quick reference when needed (especially note any CCs or MIDI notes that are hardcoded into your soft or hardware IE the Mod wheel).