False trigger when touching flightcase

I play a 4 trigger setup, everything is fine when playing. But when I want to make changes in the software and touch my macbook or the volume of my interface or the rim of the flightcase where my preamps are I get a false trigger. I might add I am in a wheelchair, could this be some kind of static or earth related issue due to my rubber wheels?

I would find which drum is being triggered falsely and then use VOID feature. When in void touch all the other objects that can falsely trigger it. Also, you can increase your threshold as well.

Void does not work, because it only sets of the sound but does not register as trigger. And it can be any of the sounds, completely random.

Hi @Astrosoniq It does sound like a static buildup issue. This is tricky to solve on our side. After it happens, if you touch the case again right away, does it happen again?

We have a thick carpet in our studio and this happens a lot here in the winter. You could try somehow grounding yourself – but I’m not exactly sure how to do that easily. There are anti-static wrist bands you could look into.

But regarding VOID, generally speaking the impulse from a static shock is wide-band and really hard to “learn” – it’s not distinct, just loud. I have a feeling trying to learn that on the VOID pad will give you very inconsistent results.

Let me know how it goes!


Thanks, I already thought it was a static issue, generally it is not really a big problem, it only happens after I have moved my wheelchair (then the static build up is gone, it then only happens again after another move). I think I am going to experiment with some copper wire and see if I can ground it somehow.