False triggering in Ableton plugin


I have run into a peculiar problem when using the Ableton plugin. It has to do with sensors crosstalking heavily. I have three sensors on my acoustic kit, one on kick drum and the other two on toms. The problem is that my kick drum sensor is picking up hits from elsewhere on my kit as if I was playing the kick drum, which is causing unwanted crosstalk. I have trained the rest of the kit to trigger as ‘void’ but the kick sensor still picks them up. Here is a screenshot of what the sensor threshold view looks like on the Ableton plugin:

Weirdly, this problem doesn’t seem to appear on the Sensory standalone program even though I have the exact same input settings:

Can you help me figure out what could be causing this false triggering on the Ableton plugin?

I’m using PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL as my audio interface.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Mikko,

The one thing that comes to my mind right away is that maybe somehow the sensors are routed to the same channel/s of the plugin inside Ableton.

Can you check to make sure that your sensor channels are routed correctly?:

Feel free to also send an email to support@sunhou.se or start a chat on the website to get help from the support team.


Hi stevenz, thanks for your help - that seems to have solved the issue! :sunglasses: