Filtering out non-SP drums

I’ve started to realize that the little SP misfired ghost notes that I occasionally hear, especially when playing something busy or fast, are being triggered by my hihat or ride cymbal hits being captured within the SP trigger’s gate window.
For example, if I hit the snare and then hi-hat in a open flam, I’ll see two snare hits in the threshold window.

I’ve turned the threshold all the way towards “noisy drums” and that’s helped quite a bit but it also tends to filter out actual snare hits. I’ve also tried Voiding the hihat and ride but that hasn’t helped much for these type misfires.

Has anyone else experienced this or found ways around it? It’s totally minor and could be just a matter of dialing things in depending on the playing style.

I am getting the same thing. did you figure it out?

I don’t know if I ever was able to completely eliminate that sort of “cross-talk” or whatever you want to call it. I think I was able to clean it up a little by making the threshold’s decay as short as possible. I think the threshold interface has changed over the years so it might need a little experimenting.
I’d guess set the threshold to be more sensitive and then lower the velocity I/O’s gain so that it’s not picking up really small vibrations.
Good luck!

cool. thanks.