FIXED: Individual drum settings dissapearing + crashes - SP ableton Plugin


I’ve run into a super unfortunate error. I’ve been working on a bunch of tunes for my masters degree which incidentally is mainly about using SP in live performance and composition (due tomorrow) and today the worst happened.

When i opened my ableton project / SP vst plugin my drum 2 & 3 (snare 2 and kick in my case) had been reset and erased which means all samplers and effects were deleted. Drum 1 exists, but all training is gone. Weird thing is that this has manifested across every single SP project i have, both in ableton and in the standalone app.

When i try to import old sp kits, train drums or even just make a new virtual drum in on drum 2 & 3 the plugin crashes ableton.

This happened after opening the standalone app - but i’m honestly not sure how or why it could have affected all my projects, even the ones i haven’t opened for months. I have noticed weird behaviour with importing kits and settings between the standalone and vst plugin, but this takes the cake :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if anyone has had an experience like this and know what to do. All backups i’ve made have the same issue.

Hey noerby,

Sorry you’ve ran into this issue. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it might be related to a corrupted model file in your usermodel’s folder. We actually have a patch coming out soon in an update (1.7.7) to prevent that from happening, but it should be a rare event.

For now, can you try renaming or deleting the folder:
mac: ~/Documents/Sunhouse/Sensory Percussion/usermodels
PC: [user]\Documents\Sunhouse\Sensory Percussion\usermodels

Let me know if that resolves the crashing issue. There shouldn’t be any issue retrieving your work, but you’ll have to retrain your drums.

Please write in to support (chat window on our site or if you need more immediate assistance.


I don’t know why i wasn’t expecting to be able to fix this, but it worked and my work is restored. Phew.

Thanks so much.