FX on/off switch bug

Hey! Thanks for that latest update. Although now it’s acting funky… When i have an ableton note triggering SP’s on/off button thru the midi input controller, only the next midi note will trigger it on. For example when 60 (C3) is mapped and assigned correctly, 61 actually triggers it (in momentary) and “toggles”. But in toggle mode the midi note is correct!

Thanks, :slight_smile:


We will investigate this. FYI, we discovered some additional issues around saving/retrieving fx bypass controller assignments. Fix will come soon.

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So I’m not sure what was up with the wrong numbers at the time… but found out yesterday I totally forgot to switch the midi input cont (0-1) selector, to (1-0) in momentary, for fx … it works alright! I think ableton and/or sensory just needs a reset too whilst doing a lot of back and forth programming/assigning. Thanks!