Getting full range on timbre controllers

I’m really loving the idea of using center-edge or rim shoulder-rim tip timbre controllers, but something I’m finding is that the controllers never get all the way to 0 or 100%. For example, if I set up a center-edge controller, when I’m hitting right in the center of the drum the controller is reading about 15%, and when I’m hitting in the edge it’s only reading from 50% to 60%.

Anyone know of a way to fix this? Or alternately, some sort of ‘reverse compression’ I can use on the controller so that hitting in the center still zeros out the thing being controlled and hitting the edge maxes it? I’m mostly planning to use these controllers to control parameters in Ableton, so if anyone has a solution based in Ableton that works fine for me too!

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Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity of the assignment: dragging the sensitivity slider handles to the left and right like in the below screenshot should do the trick.

CleanShot 2023-11-15 at 09.59.13


I’ll give that a shot, thanks! I was under the impression that setting the sensitivity bars like that makes it so that anything to the left of the bars reads as zero and anything to the right reads as 100, is that right? Because that would kind of do the job, but it still mean that (in my example) everything between 1-15% and 60-99% would never be triggered, making the controller a little choppy. But maybe I’m misunderstanding how it works.

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You’re welcome!

With good training you still should be able to hit the full range, even if you crimp the range of the sensitivity knob like in my screenshot above.

It will be a bit choppy, most likely, but that is just because the smoothing parameter of timbre assignments (that existed in V1) hasn’t been added to V2 just yet: it’s definitely on the team’s todos.