Getting glitchy tracks while recording

I’m using the recording template for logic. I am trying to record one idea into logic, and then go back, create a duplicate track, turn off input monitoring and lay another track down.
However, I am getting such bad quality on the subsequent tracks. I know something is up, but just can’t isolate the problem. Has anyone into this problem? Or know of a good recording tutorial for this newfangled equipment?


I’ve had similar problem, glitch on my recording.
There is glitch when I use more than one track with the audiostreamer VST.
So for your subsequent tracks , disconnect audio streamer plugin on your first track.
I Hope it’s help.

Hey @swrobbin and @Garyool!

We actually did a blog post a while back on just this topic!

6 Tips for Recording Sensory Percussion into a DAW using the SP Audio Streamer plugin

Let me know if any of the tips there help with reducing clicks and pops or whatever you’re experiencing.


Hello @tenoch !
Looked over the article and did what I could but am still running into the same problem. It worked magically for about an hour today and then resumed the glitchy noise.
I am running Logic and SP at 44.1, and 512 sample buffer rate but its still noisy.
It seems to happen only in Logic once I click on SP Software Insert on the Audio Streamer channel. Only then does it get noisy and the audio shows up on the logic channel meter.
Any help would be greatly appreciated: it’s painful to get to a spot creatively where you’re ready to record only to not get good sounds.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @swrobbin, sorry to hear that. It might be easier to debug this in a support thread. Would you mind sending an email to or starting a chat on the website?