Getting Latency problems while recording

Hi! I’m trying to record some sunhouse drums in ableton, im using loopback audio as “interface” and im getting a looot of latency while recording…
I have the buffer size on 128 samples on sunhouse software, and in ableton i have also 128…
I really dont understand, both Sample Rate are 441000 Hz

Hi @piresensei!

If you write an email to, we can add you to the Beta, where you can use the plugin, which will likely be a better solution than trying to troubleshoot loopback.

One thing to try - if you have to use Loopback - is to not monitor through Ableton, you’ll be doubling your buffer-size (plus whatever additional latency Loopback adds), and so it’s definitely best to mute the Sensory input tracks in Ableton while you are recording, and route Loopback such that Sensory is coming through your headphones.


Thank you for the reply! I’m using v2, it still have the plugin?