Good news for percussionists / handdrummers

Hi fellow SP-users,
I bought these MEINL™ Percussion Taku Hirano 13" Hand-Bales, which have a hybrid tension rim also available as a spare part at MEINL™ Percussion. They work great with the SP sensors and the training with a hand playing set!

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Training handdrums with meshheads works best with very tight tuning and without damping the heads. I removed the gelpads after trying to trigger several Djembé’s in Kontakt via MIDI, and re-trained all pads of all 4 drum channels. In addition, it’s important to adapt your playing technique to SP to avoid false triggering. It’s all about trial and error, depending on the handdrum you might be using, but it’s worth it.

This is super exciting! I’m trying to set something up with a frame drum. I haven’t been able to get comfortable playing with a meshhead. It just feels so gross. Do you have any tips on a type of meshhead. I’d love to see a video of your setup in action!

Thanks for sharing this post. I don’t think I would have tried SP on a frame drum if I hadn’t red this.

I’m using Aquarian Super Meshs with very tight tuning (DrumDial *85) like a high pitched snare.
With a high tuning like this you can achieve a playing surface which comes a bit closer to a handdrum-head, and the training of SP becomes more precise.

This is super cool! That Meinl drum looks awesome. Let us know if you post any videos playing it!