Grounding issue

Hey everyone,

I’ve bought SP around 2 years ago with some cheap XLR cables. This worked fine for 2 years, but now I’m having alot of issues with noise.

Here is a video of my issue: Grounded issue - YouTube

I’ve ordered 2 new XLR cables so hopefully the issue is fixed when I get them.

In the meantime I wanted to ask for some advice.

Some ideas I came with are:

  • Should I put some shoes on?

  • Is it because of the carpet?

Things I already checked:

  • Is a electrical component touching the cymbals or my table?
    Answer: No

  • Am I using 2 different electrical outputs?
    Answer: No

  • I’ve used the XLR input as a microphone to listen what information it puts out and it’s alot of noise + every time I touched something it popped once at max volume.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix/prevent this from happening.



P.S. I’m still working on my setup, this setup is to test if everything works how it should :slight_smile: .

Hey there,

I’ve bought new cables and the problem is still there.
I’ve switched to my other sensor, still same issue, changed the dot on my snare, still same issue, changed interface, updated SP, tried other inputs, still same issue.

The worse part is the noise is getting heavier and heavier which makes it impossible to use it properly. I keep getting random hits because of random noise spikes.

If anyone has tips, they would be very much welcome!.



Oh and also, when I disconnect my Sensor, It still says “Sensor Connected”. Also when I restart SP it sais “No sensor detected” while I have it plugged in, but the threshold tab is still working.

Hi Kyarah,

Yikes, sorry to hear that. Audio ground loops can be really annoying to troubleshoot. Do you have a lot of electronic components in your setup? I think ground loops happen when they are plugged into several different electrical sockets, then the audio is combined electrically. It makes like a big antenna.

Maybe try taking just your interface, laptop, 1 sensor, some headphones to another room and testing if the noise goes away when the minimal setup is isolated.

You could also try getting a power surge and plugging everything into that.

Let me know if any of that helps!

Hi Kyarah,

I was just looking at your previous posts more carefully, and it looks like your gain on your interface is super high as I see it on the threshold panel. That might be the source of all the issues you are seeing.

This page here has some good tips for this: Checking for Signal in Sensory Percussion | Sensory Percussion Help



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Dear Tenoch,

Thank you for your response!

I will test that out as soon as I can.

I’ve noticed my electronic drumkit causes 10% of the noise (I can see it going lower when I turn it off).

I’ve also lowered the volume (gain knob 2) on the interface and for some reason it’s much more accurate and again, less noise so It’s better then before now.

I’ve also duck taped my hihat pedal because it was causing noise and random midi notes playing from my edrum kit AND the SP sensor. This fixed the issue.

I don’t know why it’s not grounded, could it be because of the rubber ends of the hihat stand on a matt?

I’ll continue troubleshooting and let you know if I got it working properly.



Our messages must have crossed mid-air! Yes, I think lowering the gain a bunch will likely help immensely.

I’m glad that is a known issue. I now know where to look better.

Again thank you for your assistance!