Having Trouble With Zones Triggering

Hey All,
I am digging into the deeper aspects of V2 and really getting inspired, but I cannot find a way to eliminate cross-triggering between zones on either my mesh head kit (Roland TD-50x, all top-line pads) or my acoustic kit.
While I believe that some of the inconsistencies add to the Sensory “experience” and creative spark, I would like to know if anyone has solved the issue of cross talk without seriously reducing the number of zones per pad.
It’s actually making me think I could be better off (if desiring complete isolation between zones)triggering the V2 software from other controllers, such as Midi from the Roland kit or with my other pads, which include 2 Bop Pads and a NordDrum3 controller.
Any ideas?

Hi @Jim_M

If you’re getting issues of inconsistent zone triggering on the same drum (not between drums) that’s usually down to the training.

This older blog post has some good information. It’s written for v1, but still applies: https://sunhou.se/blog/training-sensory-pads

I’d recommend:

  1. Not training more zones that you will use (don’t train all 10-zones if you only play 3).

  2. Check the responsiveness of your training as you go and adjust as needed. For example, go through Level 1 training, then when you exit the training page, see if the pads respond the way you expect. If not, go back in and add more training.

  3. Don’t add more training hits than needed. Stick to the recommend → max range. If you go beyond that, it can produce inconsistent results. If the meter is filled and it’s still not responding right, it’s better to wipe it and start over.

  4. Make sure you are giving a range of hit types – quite, loud, buzz rolls, etc. You want to teach the software all the possible ways you’ll play it.

Let me know if that helps at all! If you’re still having trouble, I’d suggest writing to support@sunhou.se and we can dig in further.