Heavy midi integration and pushing the limits

hello, conceptually i love this and have everything wired and i continue to have quite a bit of fun with it for the past 2 months but unfortunately have had to spend the majority of the time diving into the software interface and not playing…endless rabbit hole.

it is by far the best of the electric drum systems on the market. i have it super integrated with my external drum synth, arp 2600, and dtx multi pad, via multiple midi channels coming in and out, all and all i don’t think there is anything better but it would be great if there were quicker ways of integrating and organizing. multiple midi input channels would be a great addition.

Every time i make a change i have to spend an hour or 2 or more updating everything across all of the kits.

I’ve gone through all of the sound packs and sample kits and reassigned everything to where they are on my kit which is awesome. but then when i go to play several things wont play when stuck but they show the pad being played and play when clicked on in the input, but not when you press the play button within the set, all assignments are correct, rather frustrating as it takes hours to do the settings only to still be at partially not playable and then have to dive back into the edit window…

is there an easy way to adjust the library, or make it quickly searchable, spending to much time lookin for things, please expand the cymbal selections soon, also some more cool industrial tones would be cool

is there a way to adjust things across an entire session or to quickly flatten the mix,

how can you save your track groups so you can import them to other sets, so far i have to build groups, and then copy and paste them, would be great if i could just save them and have them in a favorites folder in the library for quick drag and drops

also screen space runs out quick can you add a view options check list so users can opt not to have the descriptive box show up in the sound library when you choose between generators, controllers, effects, samples, etc