Help with pitch shift

Hello again!

I imported a couple synth sounds today in hopes of pitch shifting these sounds. Is that something that can be done in the software or do I need to alter the sample in another program then import the new sample?

Make sense?



Yes! There’s a couple of ways to pitch shift, and each has its best use case. In the case you’re describing it might be best to drag the same sample into a sampler multiple times (1 time for every desired note), select cycle, rand, or control, and then select each sample and adjust its pitch up or down by semitones using the “pitch” number box. Select retrig at the top of the sampler if you don’t want the tails of your notes to overlap and build up.

Another way you could pitch shift is to just drag a single sample into the sampler (or multiple samples, but only if you want to create a complex sound from all samples sounding at once), and then drag a controller onto the sampler “pitch” in the top right corner of the sampler. You can check legato if you want the tails of each new note to remain at their current pitch. This method often works best for percussive sounds, as melodic sounds will not be tied to a precise scale and can end up sounding pretty atonal (which is really cool if that’s what you’re going for).

You an read more about the sampler controls here:


This helped a bunch but when I adjusted the pitch in the sampler it actually sped the sample up. Is there a way for me to normalize the tempo of the sample and solely adjust the pitch, while maintaining the tempo of the sample.

For instance my sample was at 105 and now since I pitch shifted it up it has sped up to 107ish

Glad to have helped. Time stretching is not currently a feature supported by Sensory Percussion. It is definitely on our to-do list, but until we can integrate it, you’ll have to use Ableton or another DAW to pitch-process samples that you want to be tempo-synced.

Cool stuff! Just wondering: is there a way to change the global pitch of a sample. My problem is, I have all these samples in the key of C quantized to do a certain scale on a controller, but now if I want to create another kit where all these are changed to do those same samples but in scale in the key of D, I would have to go and pitch them down and export them using another DAW. I guess I could program the scale to do the relative modes of all the scales within C… which is probably what I’ll do for now. Just wondering if there was an easier way to do this :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

You could do any of those things, but it might be quicker to just copy and paste the kit/drum/sampler into a new kit and then individually pitch the root note of the sample/s in the sampler.

So if you wanted to change the key of a kit from C major to D major: you would copy and paste the kit into a new slot, then go into the melodic samplers and pitch each C sample up two steps by selecting it in the sample list and entering “2” into the pitch number box at the bottom of the sampler.

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