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I currently use an M-Audio Profire 2626 to line my sensors into the Sensory Percussion App. I’ve figured out how I can then send the audio to Logic or Ableton to record but I’m curious if anyone’s got a cleaner or easier solution than my jumble of logic.

And in case anyone thought it’s not possible, I’ll explain what I did.
I have four triggers, so I line them into inputs 5,6,7,8.
Then from the Master Output in the SP App, I output to channel 9. (right click mixer)
Then from the M-Audio application, on the Mixer tab, I send channel 9 to the Aux 1 by turning the dial all the way up. All the other channels have the Aux 1 dialed all the way down.
Then from the Router tab in M-Audio, I set the Analog Out 3/4 (Headphones 2) to Aux Send 1.

So now all of the SP audio is being lined out of the second headphone jack on the M-Audio.
Now I line out of the headphone jack and then back into the M-Audio into Channel 1’s Instrument Jack.

Now in Logic or Ableton, I can record all the SP Audio on Channel 1 without anything feedback back or bleeding into each other’s signal.
Anyone have a better solution? Requiring a cable to go out of the headphone jack and then back in feels ridiculous but I haven’t gotten anything else to work.

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Are you on a mac? If yes you could try using an internal audio connection with soundflower - here is a tutorial about it https://youtu.be/J9ptO6gu9rg - this is a good solution if you just want to record. If you are on windows you might try Jack Audio - http://www.jackaudio.org/ - for internal audio routing. I have to say that internal audio routing is limited and may cause lateny issues, which will make it inefficient for some purposes e.g. playing 4 drums/sensors, routing on individual tracks/virtual connections into 4 seperate tracks in Logic (or other DAW) will be fine for recording but prob not for monitoring the SP sound through Logic while playing. If you give it a try please share your experience. Cheers Tobi

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Soundflower definitely worked. Thanks!
Latency doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

Just wanted to mention the Audio Streamer AU/VST for anybody else finding this thread:

I assume it didn’t exist when this thread was started. But it works super smooth! For my purposes, I find Soundflower still adds too much latency, as Tobi mentioned.

Yep my post was before the Audio Streamer in SP was released. Has anyone made a comparison in latency so far?