How can I use te ording

I’m recording vocals but the dont replay. And when I’m re ordering they come out at a very low volume.

hi @Shadrack95, welcome to the forums! Could you give a little more detail about the problem you’re running into? What DAW are you recording into?

What’s a DAW? And it acts like its playing back but its silent.

hi @Shadrack95

Sensory Percussion can’t record audio, so I assumed you were using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Ableton, Logic, or Protools to record vocals.

Backing up a bit, how are you trying to use Sensory Percussion? What are you trying to accomplish?

Sensory percussion? Ableton

I’m trying to record vocals at the moments only. I never knew it would be this complicated.

Is there just a specific button by button presses I can go through just to record vocals in ablyon 10 lite I can go through to just to record.

I got it to show in the program but it wont play back

hi @Shadrack95, I’m sorry I can be more of a help. This forum is for Sensory Percussion, not Ableton specifically, though I’m sure there are some Ableton experts here.

I might suggest checking out the Ableton tutorials – that will give a solid foundation for using the recording features.

If you could provide more info about the issues you’re running into, like some screenshots, a video, or any more detail, someone here might be able to help out.

Best of luck!