How to edit "whole" sounds

Hey guys,

So I wanted to see if there was a capability to edit a “whole sound” of a certain trigger. Meaning if I hit the snare I might have triggered (90’s clap, 80’s clap) I wanted to add more reverb or put a controller on only one sound is that possible?

Also number two question is can I specifically place another sound to come in mid way thru another samples sound? For instance Say I have 90’s clap with A TON of reberb and now I want an owl to howl midway thru the reverb wetness. Is this possible?

Hey Matthew, here goes:

  1. At this point, effects (like reverb) can only be applied at the pad level and channel level, not the sampler level. So you can do what you’re asking as long as the pad only has 1 sound. If you are layering samplers on a pad or stacking samples in the sampler then they will all get the reverb. Let me know if that makes sense.

  2. This is possible if you are using two pads to trigger these sounds. For example: You put the clap on Center then you put the Owl on Edge. These two sounds will layer over each other. If you want the owl to “choke” the clap sound, then add both samplers to a new choke group and each will choke the other. You can read more about choke groups here.

You could do this on a single pad by stacking to samples in the sampler, choosing Cycle as the playback mode and making sure retrig is off. But again, any effect you apply will apply to both samples.

Let me know if that helps.