How to make a Sample play only once and never repeat

Hey there! Question is pretty basic. I would love to know if there is a simple way in V2 to make a sample trigger ONLY the very first time it is hit and never to repeat/start over? I have one extremely long sample that I want to play over but I do not want to retrigger it again.

So far, my workaround is to load in the sample followed by hundreds of silent samples and have it play in sequence, but this is….not ideal. I know there are solutions using 3rd party launch apps or Ableton but I’d love a solution in the program itself!

Hi @drewbysnacks!

Thanks for the question. The answer is yes! We had to puzzle through this quite a bit just now, because there currently is a bug blocking the cleanest way to set it up. I will reply with an update once that bug is fixed.

However, the screenshot below shows a more convoluted way to accomplish this:

To set this up:

  1. Drag in a sequencer and set it to manual mode.
  2. Drag your sample into that sequencer and assign it to step 2 (leave step 1 blank)
  3. Manually drag the sequencer’s number box so that it displays “2.”
  4. Create a trigger macro and assign it to the sequencer’s reset button
  5. Create a velocity assignment on the trigger button.

Now the first time you activate that sequencer it will both play the sampler on step 2 and simultaneously trigger the reset button, so that every subsequent activation it resets to step 1 (a blank step).

You can copy/paste the following into your working set to explore further how this is setup:

<clipboard><sequencer mode="manual" uuid="f296ab3751094158b7bea8b40b2bfca0" pinned="sequencer,mixPanel,childsPanel,macroPanel" unfolded="sequencer,childsPanel,mixPanel,macroPanel,modulatorPanel" matrix="0,1" displayedIndices="0" numSteps="2" msgInputs="snare*" displayedAssignment="e587243be5934247a54b3a70ffc238dc" retrigger="0" curIdx="1" lastIdx="0" advancedMode="1" followTriggered="0" selectedColumn="1" selected="1" name="only play sample once"><sampler inputChannel="1" samplerFile="/Users/stevenz/Downloads/develop_6-5/cmake-build/obsidian_artefacts/Release/Sensory Percussion Instruments/Selenium Heights/Selenium_chord1_Abm9.wav" name="Selenium_chord1_Abm9" volume="0.2834271192550659" pan="0.5" uuid="9ab416a251974011913aaf4ff55a0073" pinned="sampler,mixPanel" unfolded="sampler,mixPanel" startDisplayedTime="0" endDisplayedTime="12.43489795918367" length="548380" samplerate="44100.0" start="0.0" stop="548379.0" gainCached="-3.030428409576416" gain="-3.030428409576416"/><assignment name="# Next step number" paramId="curIdx" outputMin="2.0" outputMax="0.0" uuid="e587243be5934247a54b3a70ffc238dc" inputs="b3b529dc731c4c9f93aab9f7ad4bcb5c" mode="macro" type="target"><macroMod name="# macro" uuid="32a2b01404b046ba8aa2ae4a56969bf8"/></assignment><macro name="reset" type="trigger" uuid="8135c986e4964f6ba2ae34c1042c39bc" displayedAssignment="f997dde2abc244a9bd5da9d767768316"><assignment name="# reset" paramId="value" uuid="f997dde2abc244a9bd5da9d767768316" inputs="f296ab3751094158b7bea8b40b2bfca0" mode="velocity" type="target"><velocity name="# velocity" uuid="45731e43b2bf4167b9bb6dd4fb7d92ca" selectedPads="center,edge,cross-stick,rimshot-center,rimshot-edge,rim-tip,rim-shoulder,stickshot,damped,shell"/></assignment></macro><assignment name="# &#216;" paramId="reset" uuid="d89f405dc4db4ab289a2262b9f42ebfb" inputs="8135c986e4964f6ba2ae34c1042c39bc" mode="macro"><macroMod name="# macro" uuid="322499aabbf048b6aab0b57bbe4dd244"/></assignment></sequencer></clipboard>

Or you can just download the attached session. Note that the example version uses a library sample, and so you can just drag and drop your own sample directly into the same sampler and it should work right away. And, additionally note that the example version is filtered by “All Snares”: but you can just change that to whichever virtual input you want. (1.7 KB)


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Hi @drewbysnacks sorry, I was updating the forum software and it looks like your last message didn’t make it over! Glad Steven’s solution worked for you. Thanks!

Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful, I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me having trouble figuring this one out lol. We are doing a KEXP In-Studio performance next Tuesday and I’m hoping to have this worked out by then. Will update soon!

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