I made a VideoGame with SP. Drum vs Audience!

Hello! I made a MortalKombat type game with SP V1 comunicating from the software to Touchdesigner to Unreal Engine.
Player 1 is the SP drummer and Player 2 is a user with Kinect V2 from Xbox One.

My idea for SP, when I got it, was to use it for generative live visuals. Then I realized if I could have an input from the audience of my shows then I could interact and improvise music and visual with them. Making it a back and forth improvisation set.

As Im making it I realize It is literally a game… so why not a videogame… so I get into the world of integrating this software to send data to Touchdesigner (gets MIDI and then sends OSC messages) and then Unreal Engine (where the game logic works).
Not a videogame maker so it is my first game ever lol.
Hope it works for… ummm… inspiration? hate? whatever.
Here is the gameplay:

I making a video on the whole process of making it. You can also follow me on instagram or tiktok if you like this kind of stuff. Just my name Hernan Crocce.
If someone else is making something similar I would like to see it!

Saludos desde argentina (si hay más argentinos quiero saber también) :argentina:

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Sounds amazing. Is your sound pack available for download?