I'm really struggling— sending MIDI notes from Sensory V2 to Ableton

I am trying to control soft synths in DAWs using Sensory Percussion (old triggers, software version 2, Reverie little drums with mesh heads, 2018 13" Intel MacBook Pro).

I understand how the IAC Driver Bus works. I’ve set it up and I’ve got Sensory Software V2 communicating with Ableton (didn’t seem to work well at all in Bitwig which I tried to get working all day yesterday… Does Bitwig not have good IAC Driver Bus support?)

However I am now running into two problems:

  1. The MIDI channels seem to be set properly:
    Drum 1 - MIDI chan 1 - IAC Driver Bus 1 - Track 1 in Ableton
    Drum 2 - MIDI chan 2 - IAC Driver Bus 2 - Track 2 in Ableton
    Drum 3 - MIDI chan 3 - IAC Driver Bus 3 - Track 3 in Ableton
    The routing can’t be more separated unless I’m missing something… but when I hit Drums 2 or 3, they keep only triggering Drum 1!

  2. Drum 1 sends a MIDI note that isn’t there. It seems to always be sending the lowest possible MIDI note (C#-2). What’s worse, is that it sustains this note indefinitely unless I disarm and re-arm the track.

Anyone else?

EDIT: Okay, I figured out problem 1. Each MIDI Note Generator needs to be set to the right MIDI channel. Got it.

I still don’t understand problem 2: why does it stream C#-2 indefinitely? It makes it unusable.

hi @hideous_idiot - welcome to the forum!

Could you send a bit more info about your set layers that are sending out MIDI? I can try to help troubleshoot what might be going on with #2.

On another note, we have some MIDI improvements that will be out soon. We are aware that there are some confusing/clunky elements to the UI that could be better. We use SP day-in-day-out so we’re very aware of those issues.


Thanks so much for your reply and for all the work you do. After much tinkering, I’ve figured out the solution. Appreciate it!

hi @hideous_idiot
i’m having the same issue.
What’s the solution?
thanks in advance