I'm really struggling— sending MIDI notes from Sensory V2 to Ableton

I am trying to control soft synths in DAWs using Sensory Percussion (old triggers, software version 2, Reverie little drums with mesh heads, 2018 13" Intel MacBook Pro).

I understand how the IAC Driver Bus works. I’ve set it up and I’ve got Sensory Software V2 communicating with Ableton (didn’t seem to work well at all in Bitwig which I tried to get working all day yesterday… Does Bitwig not have good IAC Driver Bus support?)

However I am now running into two problems:

  1. The MIDI channels seem to be set properly:
    Drum 1 - MIDI chan 1 - IAC Driver Bus 1 - Track 1 in Ableton
    Drum 2 - MIDI chan 2 - IAC Driver Bus 2 - Track 2 in Ableton
    Drum 3 - MIDI chan 3 - IAC Driver Bus 3 - Track 3 in Ableton
    The routing can’t be more separated unless I’m missing something… but when I hit Drums 2 or 3, they keep only triggering Drum 1!

  2. Drum 1 sends a MIDI note that isn’t there. It seems to always be sending the lowest possible MIDI note (C#-2). What’s worse, is that it sustains this note indefinitely unless I disarm and re-arm the track.

Anyone else?

EDIT: Okay, I figured out problem 1. Each MIDI Note Generator needs to be set to the right MIDI channel. Got it.

I still don’t understand problem 2: why does it stream C#-2 indefinitely? It makes it unusable.

hi @hideous_idiot - welcome to the forum!

Could you send a bit more info about your set layers that are sending out MIDI? I can try to help troubleshoot what might be going on with #2.

On another note, we have some MIDI improvements that will be out soon. We are aware that there are some confusing/clunky elements to the UI that could be better. We use SP day-in-day-out so we’re very aware of those issues.


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Thanks so much for your reply and for all the work you do. After much tinkering, I’ve figured out the solution. Appreciate it!

hi @hideous_idiot
i’m having the same issue.
What’s the solution?
thanks in advance

Hi @jacopo_battaglia,

Are you having the same MIDI channel separation issue, or the same issue with sending C# -2? Either way, we can help you get it figured out.

If you’re using a midi notes generator module, could you provide a screenshot of the module in question? Or better yet, if the session file is < 300 MB, you can drop the whole thing in and I’ll take a look. Thanks!