Importing of User Samples

I’m interested in upgrading to V2, from V1. Reading through the V2 instruction manual, it seems to indicate that user audio files (samples) can be imported into the version 2 sensory percussion software (?).

Presuming this is the case, what audio file formats can be imported into the Sensory software? Please be specific; I have many different audio files on my computer, of numerous different formats, that I can access via my Sononym audio librarian software. So, I’d like to know all the different audio sample file types that are recognized by the sensory percussion software.

Hi @Dude1

Sensory Percussion 2 supports the same file formats as V1: Wav, aiff, flac, ogg, mp3

All files need to be unencrypted, meaning without any DRM.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Thanks; good to know. Wav files come in different bit sizes, and I’ve encountered sime edrum modules in which only wav files of a certain bit size (usually 16 bit) can be recognized, which sometimes means the hassle of converting wav files to fit with requirements… Are there any similar limitations with the V2 software?

Also, what is the maximum file size or sample length that can be imported?

Finally, can user samples be just drag/ dropped into the V2 software, or is it more complicated to import user samples?

I couldn’t seem to find this info in the on-line software manual.

We tested 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit wav files with no issues. The current max file length is 10 minutes, I believe. Our current sample is optimized for one-shots, so it’s not the best experience working with long samples right now, but we’re looking into building a different sampler module to handle those cases.

You can create bookmarks to local folders right in SP, or you can drag and drop samples directly from Finder/Explorer.

Let me know if you have any other questions!