Increased Outputs in VST


First of all, as I’ve said before, thanks so much for providing SP. Such an amazing tool to work with!

Now, I have no idea how feasible this would be to achieve but…

In the VST plugin version, it would be really useful to be able to route more outputs in order to have more control and seperation in the DAW. At the moment you can have the audio from each drum, plus the 2 sends and the master, routed to their own tracks in Ableton. It would be really helpful to get even more seperation in the audio coming from each drum if possible. E.g Center, Edge, Rimclick etc all routed individually to seperate tracks in ableton. Or ideally to go a step further and allow every single sampler in SP to be able to be routed to its own track in Ableton. E.g On the center zone of a drum you might have two or three samplers, so each of them could be routed to a different output channel. I’m not sure what the limitations are for the number of outputs a VST plugin can have, but I believe Kontakt can have upto 64 outputs.

This would allow much more seperation in the stems which is really helpful when working with other producers/mixers who don’t own the Sensory Percussion software and would need to be working with audio stems. They always need to be able to have the most control when mixing the different elements and in most cases just sending them the 4 drum channels plus sends is not enough seperation. The only work around for this at the moment is, once recorded, to bounce multiple times on to new tracks in ableton but muting samplers in the sensory percussion VST which is time consuming.

Having the multiple outputs in the SP plugin and therefore multiple tracks ableton would also allow much more creative possibilities when using ableton FX plugins with Sensory Percussion.

Just a thought, but could be a really useful upgrade to the VST. Thanks!