Independent threshold levels for each stroke?

I imagine this has been requested already, but it would be awesome to have different threshold levels for each stroke on the same drum or at lease the most commonly used like center, edge, rimshot, etc.

I’ll get in situations where I have to raise the threshold on a snare to avoid my hi hats causing misfires. But then my softer snare strokes don’t register and I can’t find a good balance. So I’ve started just putting my snare on all for SP tracks and only activating one stroke on each track to get the thresholds dialed in, But this is a huge limitation :frowning:

Hi @kdubs,

Interesting idea to add that per pad. But have you tried using the thresholds on samplers? That is definitely one way to do this. (Look at the gif on this page)

Have you tried using the Void pad to deal with the hi-hat? That’s probably the best way to deal with false activations coming from an external source.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “So I’ve started just putting my snare on all for SP tracks and only activating one stroke on each track to get the thresholds dialed in…”

Do you mean you are routing one drum to multiple channels?

Thanks @tenoch for the reply. I’ll try out the thresholds on the sampler and training the Void pad. Both look like they’ll improve the issues I’m having. :fist_right::metal:

And I probably wasn’t using the correct vocabulary in my last explanation. For example, my rim shoulder hits were triggering rim shots. So i raised the threshold which helped avoid this cross talk but then my softer hits in the center pad did not reach the new higher threshold and had no effect. So for drum 1 I de-activated every pad except rim shoulder so i was sure the threshold level only applied to rim shoulder. Then I loaded Drum 2 with the same “Snare_14” drum that was on Drum 1 (I changed the input matrix so my snare input was set for both Drum 1 and Drum 2) and only activated the center pad so I could lower the threshold again without effecting the rim shoulder level. the threshold level on drum 2 was now unique to my center pad strokes on the same snare. Obviously the limitation is sacrificing all the other pads. But hopefully your suggestions will solve the issue! I just wanted to explain my reasoning and actions. Does that make sense? (As inefficient as it was, lol)

Hi @kdubs,

I see, thanks so much for the clarification. When we talk about cross-talk, we are generally talking about false hits triggering the drum from some other source. If you are have issues between pads within the same drum, that is almost always a training or signal issue (something wrong with the sensor, interface settings, etc.). Under normal working circumstances, you should never have to do that kind of routing to get the system to work.

I would recommend taking a look at the training portion of the setup tutorial video for some tips on how to go about getting solid training on the drum.

And if that does not clear up the issues, then please get in touch with us on our support channel (either email, or start a chat on the website) and they can dig in and see if there is anything going on with your signal chain.

Also, I think fixing these issues will help with what you posted on the other thread about the Bass Frequencies causing misfires.


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