Initializing Sequencers

Something that would be really helpful is an “initialize all sequencers button”. Does this exist?
My kits often end up relying on nested sequencers, and whenever I want to start from the beginning o a piece I have to go through all the layers and make sure they are all on the first step of the sequence. This adds a lot of stress because if just one is off then it could mess with the whole flow.

My work around has been to assign a midi controller to all the reset buttons, but it would be cool if this was built in.

Hi @aaron_edgcomb - yes, that’s a great (and important) idea. Unfortunately, at the moment, your workaround with assignments on the reset buttons is the best option. But this is something that we really want to address in a coming update.

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@aaron_edgcomb You might already be doing this, but I just wanted to jump in and say that creating a single “reset” button as a set-level macro makes this easier than if you had a bunch of independent assignments. Below is a quick example of how to set that up:

In this example, if I wanted to change the input that’s actually doing the resetting (or add another input), I’d just edit the assignment on the macro rather than having to hunt down and edit all three reset buttons each time.

Having global reset built into the sequencer is a great idea, though, and it’s on our list to do something along those lines.


I was not! This a great idea though!


Yeah, macros can be great time-savers in situations like this where you want to apply the same assignment to multiple things throughout your set.