Interface latency for live performance

I want to buy a set of sensory triggers. I want to mix live drums with artificial drums.
I figured the best interface for that would be an 8 input interface. I have seen the Behringer umc 1820. Do any of you have any experience with it? I am only interested in the latency specs.
Would the latency be low enough to be able to perform live on stage?

If not, could you recommend any other interfaces (new or old)?

Thanks in advance

I am using the UMC 1820 without any trouble.
The moment you hit the drum (with SP trigger of course) you hear the sound.
Before using the Behringer I used an Arturia Audiofuse - I can‘t feel a latency difference.
(Just switched to the UMC because of the number of triggers I am using now…)

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thanx very much for the answer

hi guys,
what’s the best (i mean the latency-less) audio interface on the market?
i use an m-audio m-track eight that is good, but despite i have the buffering of the ableton audio engine setted at 64 ms i still feel some small delay (mainly in the fastest patterns).

has anyone found a very good set up to minimize the overall latency?