Internal audio Mac to portal

Hi all, anyone knows how I get internal audio from my Mac to the SP portal? I like to play along with songs but can’t get my head around :face_with_peeking_eye::roll_eyes:Installed Blackhole as a Soundflower alternative but that didn’t work out unfortunately. Hope someone can help me out!

Hi @Berno

Are you trying to listen to music from your computer via headphones or via speakers? In Sensory Percussion, you can send audio out of both at once. But if you’re just listening to music outside of the app, you can only choose one.

By default, the output of the Portal is set to channels 1/2, which are the main outs on the back of the interface. You would use these outputs to listen via speakers. If you want to listen via headphones, you need to change the output from channels 1/2 to channels 3/4 in your Mac’s audio settings. These are the headphones outs on the front of the interface.

To do this, open “Audio MIDI Setup” (Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup). From there, I’ve attached a screen recording of how to change the output from channels 1/2 to 3/4. Let me know if that works for you, and if not, we’ll get it figured out!

I’ll try sunday thanks! I’d tried to listen to music from the ‘Music’ app on the same Mac that transfers the SP signal to my headphones, that are wired trough the SP

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I took some time but yes!!! it worked out fine thanks! I didn’t know these deep dive audio settings in the Mac thanks! Enjoy the weekend