Is Serato DJ Pro midi compatible with SP2?

Trying to figure out if I can ASSIGN midi signals from SP2 into Serato DJ Pro to trigger basic functions like the PLAY button (an on/off Toggle), Cue, Hot Cues, and Sampler pads, for example. I have lots of ideas which could save time/confusion on customizing module architecture and missing features in SP2.

Serato says it’s MIDI re-mappable with a Hover/Click and then Trigger/ASSIGN method that seems simple enough. It shows Evans Portal MIDI Out device enabled (a virtual OUT I’m assuming), but there is no effect when I trigger a MIDI generator to try and ASSIGN it in Serato. Like there is no signal.

I have a note generator on MIDI 1, and an Output on MIDI 1 and they react within SP2, but nothing in Serato. Both programs are running simultaneously on the same computer using the Evans Portal as audio output. There is no physical MIDI out connection to Serato, just the Portal MIDI Out device showing enabled.

I noticed while experimenting in Serato that the button I am trying to ASSIGN is currently mapped to Channel 2 Note 11, but SP2 only lists notes as Letter and Octave (would Note 11 be from the bottom?). I noticed a Channel selector on the MIDI hardware output (“Incoming” or numbered).

I am not super MIDI savvy, but I don’t know if this is a compatibility issue or if I am sending the wrong type of MIDI commands/signals.

I seem to also seem to recall seeing some 3rd party audio device virtual mixers/routers on here somewhere. I’m not sure if they would help or not, but it would be nice to use Fruity Loops too maybe, which doesn’t seem possible using the Evans Portal audio device. Even though it shows other Audio devices usable in the Portal Instructions, every other Audio device I try to use either no longer recognizes the Portal inputs, or just freezes the system requiring a Task Manager program stop.

I had to download 3rd party virtual MIDI device LoopBe1. It seems to have solved the signal issue.
Still experimenting with best MIDI signals to send.
The Note generator sent a recognized signal, but would not bring up the Data type option in Serato and glitched with constant infinite stuttering, I assume due to some velocity/note duration issues, but I’m not sure.
The CC Generator works much better and allows for the Data type options in Serato. A variety of Assignment types on the CC event knob seems to work, not sure of the differences or which is best.

I’ll keep everyone updated!

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