Is there a way to control the sustain/release for a note controller?

I’ve got a note controller sending MIDI through the MIDI router to Logic to control a synth, but I can’t figure out how to control the release of the note and so it ends up sustaining forever haha. Any tips appreciated!

hi @rrv24 - what version of SP are you running because I thought we fixed that issue in a recent-ish update.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 8.41.53 AM
Here’s what I’m on right now

I see. Okay, so the issue here is not the MIDI Router, which really only takes an incoming MIDI note and passes it on, but the Note Controller. The Note Controller was designed for use with our Sampler and lacks some features to make it really useful with MIDI. For example, it doesn’t have a parameter to set length. So when it’s combined with the midi router, the notes don’t have an off message.

We do have plans to add length to the Note Controller – but we also have some much deeper changes to that module in the works to enable really cool harmonic/melodic use cases. But in the meantime, if you want to send MIDI notes out, I recommend you stick with the MIDI Notes Generator.

What are you looking to control with MIDI? I can try to make some suggestions.


Hi Tenoch,

Makes sense, thanks! I was trying to control a synthesizer in Logic with my drum, and here’s exactly what I was trying to set up:

  • I wanted pick notes of a chord, and have notes that are triggered either based on the way I play (hence the note controller) or randomized (through use of a sequencer). The former was preferred due to the ability to have more control.
  • I then wanted to duplicate this for different chords, allowing me to cycle between sets of different notes
  • I initially tried to set this up with the MIDI Notes Generator, however, I wanted to be able to include multiple notes on each zone, but not have them play at the same time, for which the Notes Generator did not seem ideal. I contemplated the idea of nested note generators in a sequencer, but it seemed like a much longer process to setup and edit compared to the note controller.
  • Furthermore, when using the MIDI Notes Generator, I had to manually pick every note I wanted, map it to a zone, and then duplicate and edit that for every chord I wanted. This was a slightly more time consuming process (especially if I wanted to make changes later), and also limited the available notes slightly.
  • I ended up using a sequencer consisting of multiple note controllers (one for each chord) rather than MIDI note generators for these reasons, and the note controllers each had a MIDI Router in them. However, as I mentioned earlier, the sustain did cause several issues, as cycling between chords in the sequences meant I had a lot of notes that never died out and built up into a wall of sound.
  • I also did try mapping the “stop” button in SP to a zone, but hitting that didn’t cut off the sound at all - it just kept going until I turned off the synthesizer in Logic.

I’m wondering if there’s a simpler way to achieve what I’m trying to do, I’d appreciate any suggestions!

Hi! Just bumping this, curious if there’s a current workaround for what I’m trying to do.