Issue recording Sunhouse in Logic Pro X (10.6.1)

I have been trying for days to record using the Sunhouse audio streamer plug-in in Logic Pro X (10.6.1). I’m using two sensors and a Scarlett 2i2. I followed every step laid out in the guide but nothing I’ve tried works. I downloaded the template for Logic Pro X and that doesn’t work either.

Logic picks up the signal (for Master, Sends, and Drums) via the audio streamer and looks as though it’s recording (i.e. it registers every hit on the drum and shows the correct sample length), but when I playback what I attempted to record there is no audio at all. No volume is even registering.

In short, everything looks as though it’s working as it should, but there is no audio when I playback what I’ve just recorded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!