Issue using SP with Ableton Live 11 Intro

Hello y’all

I’m having some difficulties with the Live 11 Intro in combination with SP. I experienced an error while using a SP template from this page Using MIDI to Control Ableton Live with Sensory Percussion (plus free template), and it seemed that I wasn’t able to save or export the file while using the template. Anyone who can help with this?

Also, I want to know how I can use the sounds from the SP software directly in Ableton - it seems like no matter what I do, the sounds will not come out the same. Furthermore I would like to record one track per pad (I have 4 SP triggers) in Ableton, and I still haven’t found out how to do this - all channels seem to be linked, so hope some of you can help me out with these issues.
Thank you!

Best regards,