Issues with audio files disassociating with "saved session"

I have been building custom kits and the audio files I have saved and mapped a path to disappear in kit. the file name shows up but it says drag and drop file in the submodule. It happens every time I change to another session. I have to drag and drop the files back every time and there a dozens of kits that I created. Why is this happening?

Second, I can’t find documentation on this but want to use the software without the portal controller. It is a long process to build kits (not to mention having to fix the above issue constantly), and I want to start exploring the macros. It is time consuming and I need to sit at a desk to do it and not behind the kit. Once I disconnect the only audio output option is “none.” So there is no sound when testing samples.

Hi @dubwarr,

I’m not sure why this would be happening in this case, if the samples folders you are dragging and dropping from are staying in the same place. If they are linked to the cloud, maybe there is something changing with the filepath periodically and breaking the sample links?

In any case, you don’t have to drag/drop each time this happens. You can select “Repair Samples” from the top menu under “edit”:

You can select a different interface (or your headphones or built-in speakers) in the audio settings panel. Then make sure the output is present in the hardware outputs panel, and that you have the headphones icon selected in both the library and on the correct hardware output to enable library sample auditioning.