Kick and kick rim triggering

Might not be a bug but…when I strike the kick and kick rim in unison one often cancels out the other. Anyone else having this issue?


Hi Ben,

Yep, that’s not a bug. Sensory Percussion can only track one hit per drum at a time. So if you hit two pads at the same time, the software will choose one. If you have the two pads on choke groups, it could be that they cancel each other out.

We plan on adding polyphonic hits in the future, but it other won’t be in the short term.

Let me know if that makes sense.


So, for instance, you couldn’t play the centre of the snare and the shell at the same time?

Hmmm … this seems extremely limiting … so if I have a trigger on the snare … and I play the center and rim hit at the same time it wont play at the same time?