Kontakt + Sunhouse

Newbie here. I purchased a drum kit on Kontakt and was hoping to integrate it with Sunhouse but am having no luck. Can anybody advise how to integrate it?

Hi Ryan_Kennedy!

Yes, we wrote a blog post recently about integrating Sensory Percussion with Superior Drummer 3.

We are planning on writing one for hooking up Sensory Percussion with GGD (which is a Kontakt pack).

But the overall steps will be very similar to what is outlined in the blog article I linked above.

  1. Setup an internal bus on your computer. On mac OS’ it is a little bit easier to do than on Windows, because you don’t have to download any 3rd party software to create an internal bus.
  2. Setup the correct MIDI routing (Select the internal bus as an output for Sensory Percussion, and as an input for Kontakt).
  3. Start Mapping!: See what MIDI notes the drum sounds are mapped to inside the Kontakt instrument, and then assign the corresponding notes in Sensory Percussion to the zones that you want to use.

Let me know if you run into any issues.