Labeling, workflow

I’m getting pretty jumbled up without being able to label the midi inputs or LFOs etc, and the sampler boxes… if that could be done that would be tremendous! Especially because of the going back and forth from daw to SP, in the restructuring/rewriting/trouble shooting etc process. Would also be great if you could move the sampler boxes/controllers in what ever order ya need to to better organize everything. That would all really help with the workflow. The color coded drums/assignments definitely helps tho!


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This is a very good and necessary feature. We’ll try to get it in soon!



I’m not sure if this has been implemented yet but I too am getting very jumbled up with Samplers, FX and Controllers. My projects tend to work with 10+ samplers and 10+ controllers per drum and without being able to label them I end up having to write notes on a word document just to remember the layout.

Do you know if this will be added in a future update?

I’d like to request the ability to label samplers (or controllers/FX), colour code samplers to easily sort them into groups of the same colour. And also it’d be nice to be able to drag and drop a sampler to change the order of the samplers on a drum.