Listening to samples without using triggers

Apologies if i’m missing something simple in the interface, but I haven’t found a way to listen to samples from the library without having my laptop plugged into the sensors themselves.

It would be really useful to be able to curate kits to use at a later time, even when I’m not sitting at my kit. I understand the full breadth of the sample would be minimized without velocity information, but is it possible to hear a default state?

Thank you

Hi there,

No problem at all. Yes, you should be able to audition library sounds just by clicking on them in the library, or using the arrow keys. Make sure that you have “Built-in Output” (or whatever interface you have plugged in) selected in the audio settings window. You may have to adjust the library sample audition volume (in the user preferences window) if you have muted the library audition playback in the past.

If you are still having issues getting the library to playback, feel free to write a message to us at or by starting a chat with us on our website.


Ah! Of course - thanks very much