Live Hybrid / Tactile FX questions

Hello all,

I’ve had the system for a few months now, and my mind is a little blown with the potential of it all… I’ve been playing around with presets with great results, and now starting to dive into trying to make my own kits, which I’m still rather ropey on! More tutorials are always welcome :slight_smile:

I have a few questions swimming around which I wonder if any of you can shed light on, either through your own experience or just a sense of what’s possible.

  1. Hybrid mic setup

I was envisaging doing a cheeky one mic (or possibly two) setup to bring in my acoustic drums + cymbals into the Portal. Do I really then have to add this to every SP kit I want to use it with? Is there no way to add a mic input directly to the output mix and then blend in with the sensor output, this would seem to make more sense, in my head at least, for those using hybrid setups and wanting things to work quickly.

I like the idea of having all my drum+cymbal sounds controlled and mixed in SP and then just sending an out from the box to the desk for gigs, is that advisable/preferable? If not, why not and how would you do it?

Another idea I thought of would be the drum mic(s) going into a little standalone mixer with the SP, so I essentially submix myself.

  1. FX Part 1 - is anyone using a MIDI controller (specifically knobs I guess) to change effects parameters live on the fly? This also appeals to me greatly as I don’t want to be using the computer directly at all when playing, but I love the idea of incorporating this kind of live dynamism into my playing, when jamming with a band, but also for live.

As a follow-on, has anyone tried taking the output into an multi-effects pedal to do something similar? Like doing basic looping? The potentials of this make my creative side excited :slight_smile:

  1. FX Part 2 - I saw a video demo where the drummer used a KMM BopPad with various assignments, so for example you could set one to trigger FX on/off, one to do a full cut which left just the acoustic drum sounds in the mix, for creative application in different song sections etc. Is this easy enough to do and/or worthwhile? I like the idea of controlling parameters via the drumsticks!

I imagine I’ll have way more questions crop up, but just want to say WOW what an incredible piece of technology you have created. It almost feels like a full-time job just figuring out how to get the best out if it for what I want, but then that’s half the fun eh.

Thanks in advance for your input :pray:

hi @lifeinfractals welcome! Great questions – would be curious what others’ experiences are with these, too.

Regarding #1 – yeah, this is not so easy to do right now, unfortunately. We have plans to address this in a coming release (not the next one, but hopefully the one after that) by allowing you to essentially “pin” a set. So you could have a pinned set with your audio insert or MIDI or anything you want to have present for the entire session. We’re still finalizing the plans for this and hope to dive in after this next release is out.

In the mean time, you would have to copy/paste your layer with your audio insert to each set.

For #2 - that’s definitely a great workflow. Using MIDI input is great for things like kit switching or controlling macros. This page is helpful for that: How To Control Parameters with MIDI Input | Sensory Percussion 2 Help

We definitely have more tutorials on the way (sequencer is next)!! Thanks!!