Locating samples used in pack

Hi there,

I’m looking to extract some of the samples used in a kit (in this case Siberian Reptiles, from Terrene Imaginarium) so I can arrange a composition in Ableton.

I understand most packs live at:

\Library\Application Support\Sunhouse\Sensory Percussion\samples

But… this doesn’t appear to contain all of it and searching my hard drive for the sample that is ostensibly being triggered (ex: meridian_kick2.wav) comes up empty.

What am I missing?

Thank you!


Hi Jeffrey,

Often the samples are in a folder named after the pack they are from (more recent packs generally do this). Terrene Imaginarium is a more recent pack, but it is made entirely of samples from pre-released packs, and thus doesn’t have a sample folder of its own.

The sample you refer to: meridian_kick2.wav was released in a pretty early pack called Hypnagogia, and lives here: samples/Synths/Synth Drums/Meridian

I think Application Support files are excluded from Finder searches, which is why it’s not being turned up in a search.


Thanks Stevenz! Wish Finder could just… find them, but this has been helpful.