Logic recording

Hi, does anyone know how to record SP into Logic?
I have 2 sensors and have tried via audio tracks and then midi tracks, but not sure why I’m not able to get the sounds recorded. Thanks,s

hi there, have you tried using the Sunhouse Audio Streamer plugin?

Check out this page in the manual for more information. http://help.sunhou.se/overview/audio-streamer.html

Let me know how it goes!


Yeah, I had seen that and tried multiple times. I have the current audio streamer plugin and even downloaded it again, just in case. For whatever reason the directions are helping me record the sounds from Sensory Percussion. Any chance there’s someone that can help me on the phone or happy to come to you in person. I’m in Brooklyn.


Would you mind writing into support@sunhou.se or starting a chat on our website (http://sunhou.se)? That way we can get the support team to help you out.



Hey. I am using a focusrite 18i8 interface and record to logic often. I simply send Sunhouse out of the main outputs of the interface and send them directly back into the interface. In logic select the proper inputs and set logics output to built in. Monitor from the headphone jack. Sounds clean. No latency issues.