Loop/Cycle Chord Progression

I’m wanting to loop/cycle a chord progression so with a specific hit it’ll automatically start for X amount of time/bars.

I’d like to do this with a hard stickshot hit.

All the samples are in the same sample chain on the centre pad.

I’ve tried playing around with the controllers, but I can’t seem to work it out!

Any help much appreciated

Hi there!

We actually just did a live stream yesterday that covered some of these concepts!

We didn’t cover looping, but we did cover cycling chords, retrigger, choke groups, velocity thresholding and other mapping techniques that might interest you.

Here’s screenshot of a sampler with some settings outlined that might be of interest to you:

  1. You’ll want retrig on so that the chords don’t overlap after a new chord is triggered.
  2. You’ll want the velocity I/O panel set so that quiet hits don’t activate the chords.
  3. You’ll want it set to cycle.
  4. You’ll want “loop” on with a specific number set in the number box. In the image above it’s set to loop 4 times. You’ll probably want the chords chopped to be the exact same length (and potentially chopped so that it loops to a tempo: there is no time-stretch in Sensory, so it will just loop the specific number of times, the tempo of the repeats is determined simply by the length of the sample.


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