M1 Apple compatibility

Hi all there is some good news on direct compatibility of SP on M1 chip?

Hi @noiseinmotion

Yes, SP is now fully compatible with M1 Macs. Head to the downloads page for the update or use the in-app update link.

p.s. if you already tried updating yesterday or earlier today, you will want to re-download and install the update as we fixed a minor issue preventing the plugin from loading on M1’s.

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Hey @Tlacael_Esparza I downloaded and installed the new Version ( and also using a M1 mac (osx 12.0.1). I have issues with the audio streamer (V 1.1.0) in logic. It will not connect to the sensory stand alone plugin. Before I made the update, everything worked fine. Please help!

Update 5 min later: :see_no_evil:
Ok I opened Logic in Rosetta mode and because of that, it couldn’t connect to sensory. When I open it without Rosetta, its connected. But shouldn’t it also worked with Rosetta?

Hi @ChrisChros909 yes that is what I was going to suggest.

Both SP and the plug-in need to be running in either Rosetta or apple mode for them to communicate with each other as it uses a shared memory block to transfer the data.

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