macOS 13.2 and Evans Portal


Is the Evans Portal supposed to work with macOS 13.2? I plug it in, power it on and it never is recognized by the computer. I’ve tried unplugging it and re plugging it in several times, different ports, and power cycled it a few times, but nothing. I don’t even see it pop up in USB devices inside of System Information. Does anyone have their Evans Portal working with macOS 13.2?


Hi Mikey,

It will work with macOS 13.2, that’s the OS I’m using now. Can you write us at, or start a chat with us on our website?

The one thing I can think of right now based on your description is that it might be a cable or adapter issue. Have you tried swapping the USB cable or adapter you are using?


Thanks for the quick reply steven! I just now swamped out the USB C cable but there was no change. The unit does seem to be receiving power using the DC adapter. I wrote an email to that email already but haven’t heard back. I’ll try to open up a chat.

Okay, I think I got it sorted. If I flip the usb c cable where it goes into the interface it works, for whatever reason it doesn’t work the other way? Might be something to look out for as this rolls out. I’ve unplugged it and flipped it over several times now and it’s consistent that it only works if flipped a certain way, if I flip where it plugs into the computer, that does not seem to matter. If I reverse the way I had the cable, same thing, only works if the cable is flip a particular way going into the interface.

Hi @mikeymasonic,

That’s good to hear! What kind of Mac do you have, btw? Are you using a usb-a to usb-c converter?

Whenever USB-A is in the mix, the orientation matters. Even if it’s USB-C on both sides.

16" 2019 Macbook Pro 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
No converters being used, just plugging directly into the port on my computer using the provided usb c cable.

Hey guys, I’m here just to say that I had the same issue with the portal, and flipping the usb c cable (strangely) worked as well as with Mikey

Hi Kau, sorry to hear that you also ran into this issue. If you run into other issues with your portal, don’t hesitate to reach out to each Sunhouse ( or Evans support. The hardware is covered under warranty.

You can reach Evans from this page:



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